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Pear Cable
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Pear Cable
Anjou Analog Interconnect

Ultimate Analog Interconnect

Pear Cable believes its ANJOU Interconnects are some of the best analog interconnects in the world, period. Meticulously designed and tested, with no expense spared in either the cable materials or construction techniques, the result is a sonic marvel. The design philosophy behind the ANJOU Interconnects begins with rigorous consideration of applicable scientific and engineering principles followed by real world testing. The goal is to procure the most accurate sound possible. For those curious about the technical aspects of the design, a technical overview is provided below. For detailed cable information please see the cable design section of this website which focuses on the Anjou Analog Interconnect. Of course technical explanation can only go so far, at some point there is no substitute for hearing the product for yourself.

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Anjou Analog Interconnect
Anjou Analog Interconnect
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